Grass-Fed, Fresh, and Creamy ,
                                                         - Raw Goats Milk

We are Producers of Grass-Fed Goats Milk, right here in the Rio Grande Valley. We service customers from McAllen, Harlingen, Weslaco, Edinburg, Pharr, Mission and more. We strive to raise our animals in a natural pasture rotation environment, our girls are out on irrigated pasture 100% of the time. All of our Livestock is 100% grass fed, supplemented only with alfalfa and forages. We are currently working to receive our American Grassfed Association certification, we currently comply with all their qualifications.

 Please contact us if you are interested in fresh raw milk, we can only serve so many people and I usually have a waiting list very year. please let me know now so I can put you at the top!

Nicole Sosebee