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AGS Cyress Valley Strawberry Snow triplet 2-08-2013

first freshening .

 Snow got moved here with and Moonstone heavy bred and all three got a parasite overload after kidding in her new invironment, respectable udder, but not near what it should have been, we are excited to see what this year brings.

Her Former owner at Creekwood Acers says : This little doe is from Cypress Valley Goats.  Strawberry Seed is from very heavy milking lines (Fairlea, Jobi, and Promiseland Farms) and she milks out at 3/4 of a gallon a day. Winchester's sire is Bayou Country SOC Silver Bullet and his dam is Lil' Hill Farm KC Rachel. Snow freshened with a lovely udder and produced exceptionally well for her first freshening.

Sire:AGS Lil'Hill Farm SB Winchester

pictures Courtesy of Cypress Valley Dairy Goats


Dam: AGS Pine Shadows Strawberry Seed

First freshening not full

Third Freshening 8 hr fill

pictures Courtesy of Cypress Valley Goats

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