Welcome to Edens Lilly Farm and Dairy

~Pastured, raw goats and cows milk, eggs, pork, and beef

Experiencing the Farm

Through fun filled experiences your child/children will be given the opportunity to be a farmer for the week. We have scheduled the activities to allow children to gain knowledge through fun about what farm life is all about.

Camp will run from 9am-1pm Monday thru Friday, Toddler time will run from 8am-9pm.

The cost for your child to experience the fun and rewards of life on a farm for the week

  • First child $400
  • Second Child $350
  • Toddler hour $150

Week of Activities

Monday – Small Animal Day (Ducks, Chickens & Rabbits)

Tuesday – Goat Day

Wednesday – Garden Day

Thursday – Large Animal Day (Pigs, Cows, and Pony)

Friday – Farm Fun Day

Friday, the children will be putting all the knowledge they gained about farm life to use. They will be given the chance to re-experience their favorite parts of farm living.

Monday- Small Animal (Chickens, Rabbits)

Morning Activities

         Grooming Rabbits-getting to handle and see how our Angora rabbits are cared for

         Textile activity- feeling different fibers, to identify differences.

         Play with baby bunnies

         Gather eggs- from our small hen area

         Q&A time


         Collect chicken eggs, from the pastured chicken tractor, pack them for sale in our farm store.

         Egg relays        

         Make felt balls from rabbit wool, possibly dye them different colors

         Watch baby chicks hatch from the Incubator        


Educational time  

         Talk about how wool is turned into clothes commercially, and by hand.

         Watch the lifecycle of a chicken, from egg to laying hen

Take Home

         A felted ball created from Edens Lilly Angora wool by your child!


         Chicken Nuggets (from Chik-fil A)

    • Tuesday- Goat Day

Morning Activities

              Bottle feeding the baby goats

              Learn to hand milk a goat


            Watch the goats being milked

            Make cheese

            Goat team penning- Everyday we sort the goats for milking

                        Your kids get a fun take on it by racing the clock to see who can collect their set of goats the fastest for milking time.

             Help us pack up Goats Milk soap for Saturdays Farmers Market

Educational time

             Nutrition on milk and cheese: Fats, Proteins, Sugars

                 Different types of cheese                               

Take Home

             Goat Cheese and Goats Milk Soap


            Goat cheese and crackers

            Chocolate goat milk

Wednesday- Garden Day

Morning Activity

          Paint and plant: planting seeds in the pots to take home

         Talk on soil types- Tactile activity. Kids get to feel and see what each type of soil looks like. Learn  

         Why different soils are important and see what a good soil is composed of.


          Watermelon spitting contest

          Compost activity

           Help us care for the Garden by watering weeding and maybe harvesting

Take home

          Packet of seeds

         The pot and plant they painted

Educational time

          Make Soil mix

         Plant structure




Thursday- Large Animal (Cows, Piglets, Water day)

Morning Activity

        Giving the piglets a bath (your child may get wet)


        Watch the Cow being milked

        Churn Butter

        Feed pigs

Educational time

         Short video on cows and dairy

         Learn about baby pigs and how smart they are!

Take home

         Butter! Your kids churn themselves


        Sausage and Pretzels

Friday- Farm Fun Day

Morning Activity

        Hay ride- Travel the whole farm and learn about all the moving parts

        Pony Rides - Learn how to groom and saddle him properly

Educational time

        Farm Scavenger Hunt- Put all your knowledge to the test!

Take home

         Goats Milk Cajeta


        Ice Cream Sundae

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