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EdensLilly Spices Cabernet
3-6-14 twin ELD E6


first freshening photos

8 hr fill

milked out

Junior doe pics

yearling pics

Beautiful little doe that inherited her dams small size, She is only 20 inches tall and has been putting milk in the bucket! Her first milk test ever she milked 3.5 lbs. I expect great things from her next year!
She has a greta milk stand temperment, nice large milk stream, collapsable udder, good size teats, worm resistant, keeps condition very well.
She will be bred to a buck to increase hight a little, lengthen body a bit, and give kids a rounder rear udder attachment.


dam Nan - first freshening photos

sire Spice

Sires Dam Heidi

Maternal Sister Rhone at 6 months

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