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Howdy from Edens Lilly Farm and Dairy,

       We are excited to announce our first farm camp this summer! For those of you that don't follow our farm, we were recently blessed with a new farm that is set up perfectly for us to host lots of friends. With a paved road, ample running room, and plenty of space for guests we are ready to make our farm accessible to the RGV community. One of our main passions here at the farm is to share the experience and educate, educate, educate. Since the beginning of the year we have remained committed to host an educational tour once a month. They have been great! - If you haven't attended one yet we would love to have ya.- Moving forward we want to keep our new friends connected to the farm in different ways throughout the year. We have lots of plans but the most exciting of them all is our children's summer farm camp! It will be a 3-4 hour, five day camp where your children will get first hand experience about farm life. No, this isn't a scheme to get our farm chores done quicker. We'll be letting the kids participate in all the fun farm stuff and then when yall leave we'll do the hard work! We are confident that your kiddos will enjoy the activities we have planned for them: egg hunts, pony rides, cheese making, and piglet races just to name a few. We'll have registration open NOW until May 15th. Spots will be first come first serve. With the feedback we've received thus far we expect the spots to fill up FAST so don't be pokey. PLEASE give us something extra fun to do this summer! In order for this to be a success we need you to spread the news to any friends that might be interested. SPREAD the news that boots and overalls are cool and that your kids will be attending Edens Lilly Farm and Dairy summer camp.

Look forward to sharing our farm fun with yall,

Jake and Cole

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