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Flatrocks "Paddy" 

milked out

12 hrs milk

SIRE:Irish Whisper Harry Potter

 SS: Gay-Mor's Lucky Northup King *S

SD: Gay-Mor's RA Wood Nymph


DAM: Flat Rocks Irish

 DS: Flat Rocks Hi Ho SIlver

DD: Flat Rocks Hannah

Paddy is a nice goat with large teats that milk out easily and she milkes down completely.Wide high globular udder. She is also extremely wide. All of her kids seem to have inherited this wide gene and have very nice legsets.

Sires: Dam Nymph Photos courtesy of Irish Whisper Farm-

from her breeder:  She really is a nice doe from great milking lines. Her strengths are her general appearance, width, great legs and feet and the sweetest personality ever. Her escutcheon is really high and wide with the perfect arched shape, with an absolutely perfect udder to fill it in. I LOVE THIS UDDER!  Buttery texture, great orifices, attached high and wide with great lateral attachments, and a nice foreudder.  If I had to find any fault, I’d say that her rump is a bit steep, however, it is long and flat

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