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~Pastured, raw goats and cows milk, eggs, pork, and beef


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Creekwood Acers Baby "Belle" 4-23-10 twin 

Grade Experimental-1st gen 19.5 in tall 25% Nubian 75% Nigerian

2013 single 2014 triplets 2015 triplets 2016 single 

   bred to Stanley for Mini Nubian Kids Jan 2017

Creekwood Acers Baby "Nan  4-23-10 twin
 Grade Experimental-1st gen 19 in tall 25% Nubian 75% Nigerian

Edens Lilly Blue "Ziffendale"  twin 1-4-13 

Experimental-1st gen 25 in tall 50% nubain 50% Nigerian

2015 single Moonspotted doe 1/1/2016 Buck/Doe Moonspotted twins by noah

2013 single 2014 twins 2015 twins 2016 twins by stanley-Rhone retained

Edens Lilly Blue Dulcetta 11-13-13 single
1st Gen 21.5 in tall  50% Nubian 50% Nigerian

Bred to Stanley for March-April babies

"Port" twin 11-7-13

 Nubian-Nigerian 24 in tall

2016 twins by Moon

Edens Lilly Spices "Cabernet"  twin 

Grade Experimental-1st Gen 21.5 in tall  7% Nubian 75% Nigerian

Edens Lilly Blue "Rose" twin

 Grade Experimental-1st Gen 18.5 in tall 25% Nubian 75% Nigerian

2016 twins by light

Edens Lilly Royal "Pinot" triplet

Grade Experimental-2nd Gen Blue Eyes

to be bred to moon for January

Edens Lilly Blue "Chinon" single

Grade Experimental-1st Gen

to be bred to Camembert for January

Edens Lilly Royal "Malbec" twin

Grade Experimental-2nd Gen

to be bred to moon for January babies

EdensLilly Royal Rhone
 twin 3/20/16
Grade 2nd Gen 62.5 Nubian/25% Nigerian

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