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Some Soap Reviews from our customers:

Lindsay Rae Thompson — 5 star This soap is incredible!!! My son has had terrible eczema since he was a baby and he is almost 3... this is the only thing i can use on him when he takes a bath (and I have tried EVERYTHING)!!!! It smells amazing and when I am done giving him a bath my hands feel so soft and smooth... i LOVE it! I have to get his after picture taken so I can put up the before and afters of his skin!! Everyone should use this stuff!

Lilly Bradford — 5 star Nicole just gave me a shampoo bar to help with my frizz, and it's almost completely gone! And let me tell you, not ONE frizz product that I have purchased has ever worked! I'm pretty sure I've tried them all! Haha, It's AMAZING! Love love love!

Mirtha Nava — 5 star Love the soap!

Lori Butcher Rheiner — 5 star I have 4 dogs and am constantly washing my hands! Thanks to your hand soap, my skin is not cracking!! Have shared the oatmeal/peppermint body soap and everyone loves it, too!! Hope to get some lavender cream from the Farmer's Market!

Roxanne Calles Martinez — 5 star Love the soaps & now I am loving the peppermint scented hand & body moisturizing cream! I think I am addicted! Great products!

Nicole Sosebee — 5 star Laura Ogletree Garcia 10:47pm Aug 30
Just to update you, Nicole the new handcream you design is wonderful and first chance I get I'm going to come and pick up some from you. It is wonderful! Thanks for the sample this morning, you sold me. Another wonderful product.

Wendy Guess — 5 star Just got some of the goats milk laundry soap and used it on my bed spread. It got out a stain from dog urine! Yippee! thanks Nicole!

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