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Poplar-Hill  "Waylon" AA1601728

Sire: SG Mellow-Meadows Foreman *+B

Dam: Poplar-Hill Washburn Rye

Waylon was a gift from a dear friend of mine Connie Vasquz. Waylon's mother was a powerhouse milker, she was producing almost two gallons per day as a First Freshener. While goat sitting for Connie I fell in love with Washburn. Later when Connie offered me Waylon, I was overjoyed. Washburn also had the most mellow personality and broke to the milk stand easily.

Connie learned to disbud the year she had Waylon, and it didn't work out to well, he had crazy horns!

Waylons dam Washburn as a First Freshener- milking almost 2 gallons per day


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